Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tell Me Again!

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Tell me again,
You say you love her,
What is that you love in her?
Would it be her supple breasts
that pin points your fantasy?
Would it rather be
her crushed petals of lips?
Would it be for her soul searching eyes
that kicks you in the gut? 
or maybe its the body that
satisfies the lust of your devil.
Or maybe, in a wildest of chances,
Maybe it is for the woman she is.
The woman that struggles 
to make her space.
The one you seldom see 
In the freckles across her cheeks.
The one that would give you her soul, 
for the price of your love.

Tell me again,
You say you love her,
What is that you love in her?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Message From Wind.

O sweet gusty wind,
What do you bring me on this gush?
Some little glitters or
A rush of adrenaline?
I wonder, I muse!
I stand here ,
As you blow through my hair!
My eyes close.
Deceiving the vision all to blur!
I wonder how it will be?
Will it bring me the news I oblique to?
Or something that is so fatigue!
Oh tell me wind!
Whisper in my ears…
Those hisses and enlighten me.
Oh mother, the orb of light
Wake up from the hibernation.
Look about and listen!
The wind brings thus the stories unheard…
Of the loon lovers and passions shared,
Of riots and massacres,
Of sweet companionship and so on....
And fragrance from faraway places!
Wrapped in some tight bundles.
I thus cut off the senses,
And opens up my mind!
As they brush about me,
My curiosity polished,
I sigh out loud as memories rush.
A sob so soft leaves my soul.
The flaunting leafs, trembles and falls!
And then all those tears are washed off.
I open my eyes to something new.
Oh wind thus is your power,
Eternal one!
You bring a new life to me and all.
You sweep those hurdles,
And shower them with peace!
As I stand on this earth,
Born along the ways of the great orb!
Alas, love so innocent,
So crucial, fills me to overflow!
Wind oh wind!
Thy bought me the newness of will!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Loved by you!

Give me a while to roll over the quilt 
to breath in the traces of love we made 
before the reminiscent decent to a dream
and we turn into a pair of bulls in rage!

Friday, December 28, 2012

A mourning!

Let me make some time,
To mold some words!
And in this busy life
That might very well be a lot.
A pleasure that all crave!
But this time, I take time out
Not to relax my follies
And refresh my fallacies
But to mourn, to mourn the loss,
Loss of a dearly beloved humanity!
I see a lot of mourning,
Mourning they don’t even mean.
Mourning for the loss of someone,
For the loss of some dream,
But I have no time to mourn silly!
I mourn, mourn for the people
Who lost the war in the unfair fights,
Who was left behind in the race,
For people hurt and lament hence!
I mourn over all the sadness.
No ale in the world is enough
To drown in and ease me for a moment,
Nor are the drugs strong enough
To loosen my senses against the outburst!
War cry, ringing aloud, around!

When the cries of the little girl
Reaches my pewter ears;
My heart bleed, bleed for her!
 I condemn the man behind the cries
None less, less it seem
More and more, no better than barbaric.
So they say earth changed
Men evolve for better.
I say the souls to worse.
How I wish these words be razors
As sharp as a butcher’s knife
And let them sprout wings
And a soul, branded humanity
Let it rise above all!
To see to the justice done in the world.
Let it decide the fate of men,
So immersed in the carnal pleasure,
Sees none but the sex with those eyes!
Let it walk in the wakes of life!
Alone and among us fellows.
Let it stab itself into the heart of those men!
Alas they have none so.
But then let it stab into their penis,
As harder as their evil actions!
Let it show them the meaning of pain,
And then as the world hail it,
Let it show off the blood spilled,
So that no man will do the same.
And then justice be done in this cruel world.

I would open my heart then
Drink the ale and take up marijuana
And I will sigh and walk alone in the streets.
I would then be free!
A girl with wind in her back
And safety, before!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Angel

lonely lonely little angel
tell me why you are in the shade? 
looking at the flowing water
on the carpet of grasses...
Deep in thought you seem to be
What do you see little angle? 
The silver of the river or
the gold of the dusk? 
tell me tell me little angel! 
what runs through your head little angel
Thoughts of past or hopes of future? 
The red of roses or vine or velvet
The black of night or onyx or coal
the white of pearl or moon or stars
What color do u see them in? 
tell me tell me little angel..
does that make you happy or sad or mad? 
is it a smile or tear or fear hide by that hat? 
tell me tell me little angel... 

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