Thursday, January 26, 2012

Roses Of Words

On this deepening twilight
sitting on the bed of grasses
I give you this my love
Roses of words. . . 
molded by my love
held by thy love. . .
Forever red, eternal
like our love, they'll stay. . .
Watering it with my blood
feeding it with my soul. .  .

 * * *

Love, as i take it, is all
that you need to keep going. . .
It teases, it tests, it evolves,
it thrives, and finally it ruptures. . .
And in the final rupture
all is washed away. . .
the zenith of being is attained
and that peace is all that matters. . .

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Re-birth Of A Phoenix

'spending the life trying
to make someone happy'-
that was me, for a little while.
then I shut the sham of morality.
going with the flow of time,
On this creek on a golden dusk
is where I reached...
On this evening I stare onto
the river that I floated in..
Before me the water did not flow!
All that flew was my life!
as the tides began, I was taken aback.
The whirlpools swirls around...
The school days I spend alone,
the best friends I gained, 
the other school I attended,
the masked people I met there,
the love I found there,
the betrayal that I endured,
flowing along the river...
one by one they all passed by.
then came the fresh new tides...
into it I plundered,
on the drive to find a shore.
In no hurry I am...
for this  is the one I have waited for...
waving adios to all,
swiming off the desert!
towards the pasture to be found.
no worries and no tension!
for the river will flow...
and in the end, the destiny would be found,
for the happiness is not of people who sit
in despire but of the people who
fights for the same...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In His Arms

As the twilight befalls them
they are enclosed in their own world.
the warm embraces,
the sizzling kisses.
the silent whisper of breaths.
His hands moves over her,
a silent quaver of anticipation.
his eyes behold her's,
filled with promises..
And as the night darkens they are lost 
in the profoundness of the night.
He moves, and, as if, by
an invisible force, she responds...
And slowly his warm wet lips on her's
and tiny bubbles of pleasure ruptures in her.
She is lost in his touch
in his kiss and in himself...
She don't feel alone anymore
she is discovered...
in his arms, reborn...
like the hawk that gained the freedom
she flies towards eternity...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behold, my love!

Somewhere somehow someday I'll meet you
To Claim the heart that is mine for sure. . .
The day is not far, as it always was
Is what my heart seems to whisper all the while...
Amid the mist that floats in the sky
A ray of hope shines through. . .
Slight, thought it is, weaving through the fog.
Slow and steady, it surely comes to me. . .

Eyes, impatient to behold you,
Heart, to find its match at last,
Soul to fit into the other perfectly
And then mine ears, to hear you!
Impatient is what I am 
To set my sight on you, as I would.
And then my arms to hold my world 
To complete the circle that 
Starts on the stars and ends on the earth...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The profoundness in my words are not fake.. 
They are born from the aches of my bleeding soul..
The words I paint On the canvas of life is not with colours... 
They are the blood tat flows through my veins...
I am not a poet...
I am only a mirror that reflects the shape of my hailing heart...

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