Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Never Quitting Does To You

I am not someone to blog long posts. If you are my regular reader you'll know that I usually blog short poems. The reason being that I am obviously lazy. But this time, I am blogging an article. This is not about any of those 'current problems of the society'  stuff, but rather something everyone had quite read and might as well as bored by now . Ya ya, the same piece of inspiring article. This one is a chapter from my own Life.

This story can be considered as the second part of my one of the previous post Pain and Regrets!  For those who missed that piece, to tell you in short, I was shut out from National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS), kochin, One of the 11 best law schools of the country, for a difference of 4 marks. But that is how the system works. 4 marks or 1 mark, if you din't get it then no re-thinking, you are out of there!! And it was my dad who gave me the support every time I needed, though the NUALS incident hurt  him more than it ever did me. . .

I was emotionally crushed after that incident, but it was he, who pulled back the spirit in me to stand up and fight again. It was my dad's 'never quite no matter what' advice that put me here now!

He made me forget the NUALS  and made me try for All Kerala 5yr LLB  Entrance Examination. It was he who went through newspaper and found me a coaching class. It was him, who bought me books to refer. It was him who mend my broken spirit.

After the exam, I got worried about the result. Even though I had worked harde for this exam more than I had ever been for any, yes not even for my 10th and 12th borders did I study so much! But even then the ghost of my previous failure haunted me close... I would always say, 'If its in my fate i'll get it' and my dad he would reply 'There is nothing called fate, its the result of the hard work you put into'. And my dad was right. As my hard work did bring me the result I wanted. I passed out with 23rd rank all Kerala. 

So I dedicate this post to my father, who taught me What Never Quitting Does To You !! I love you dad, thanks for all the support and encouragement. You are the world's best dad!! XOXO!!! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Pinpoints of light,
Twinkling  before my eyes.
Teasing my vision,
Playing with my senses.
The urge to pull out my hand
And pull it into me..
Like all those tiny pearls.
Lighting the path of my soul..
The darkness of my mind,
Darker than the nights...
Tempted too much, i gave into
But, oh too late, all my illusion!!
Always beyond my reach,
Just like the stars!

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