Sunday, March 25, 2012

Circle of Life: Part 1

The early morning breeze blew her hairs into her eyes. She was in her usual jogging... The same route she had taken since she took up jogging since 3 years back... jogging along the sea shore had never failed to glorify to her morning. No matter how much she cried at night, thinking about her brother she lost...

It was her mistake... she had been careless that day, she was never a rash driver, but that day, she don't know what had happened... one minute she was riding the bike, and teasing her brother about the girl who always shares her lunch with him and the next thing she remember was that tiny lifeless body, cold and stiff lying before her... it was like a waxed statue.... she felt guilty like anything.... She has seen the pain in her parent’s eyes but nobody had blamed. Their silence and acceptance made it harder on her... She could never forgive herself for that....

Since then her days and nights had crawled... it took a solid two year of therapy to at least get the half of her back... Doctor had suggested her to start up jogging; he had said that it would heal her.... And it was working... every time the slow salty breeze caresses her face, she feels a kind of peace... more over the sea and the breeze kind of makes her feel that her chottu is here somewhere... with her....

'Sis, you know you'll meet bhayya from here' he had once told her  while they came for a stroll in the beach a few days before she lost him forever... She had laughed at his childish folly then... Today it makes her cry, to remember those sweet memories that she will never get back now...

Wiping off the tears that she could never stop when she thinks of her little bro, she walked back to her bike and started back  home... to another hectic day ahead....  She did not know what the day holds... She is not worried about that, to be honest.... She knows she can get through the day as long as the memories of her bro stayed with her... And she had gained the strength from the sweeping waves and the blowing breeze...

And she was ready to face another day... Not knowing that after today her life is going to change completely....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Splashing over my foot
Like a ferocious falcon
I slowly closed my eyes
Opening my minds eyes
Smelling the salty breeze...
Opening my eyes,
I find the waves
Coming for me from the horizon
With the vengeance of a serial killer
Rising over, and subsiding
Like a soldier on the battle field
And finally dying at my feet
I smiled remembering the
Vengeance they came with and
Here they crush to nothingness at my feet,
Like a man, ferocious in youth
And a feeble whisper in the end...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ode To My companion

A poet's pen you are!
Of thoughts deep in mysteries!
In world so full of chaos!
Sunder not my companion.
The journey is no picnic!
Climbing the walls,
And walking over the shattered windows.
Your nib may clash with the thorns...
Frown not my warrior,
Rise up!
Show them your might!
Headstrong may you stand,
In the eye of evil you may split.
A globule of fire you may create.
Let none stop your blabber.
Upon this desert, so dry…
You are a gladiator.
Against all odds and all cruelty...
Humble may your blood be,
Bleeding you for the world.
Washing off the blackness of world
By the blackness of your will...
Ironic may the situation be...
Stay strong for the truth.
Aye, my sword, let’s start the war
For the good of the world it may be...
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