Thursday, December 22, 2011


Suffice to say my  love for you is masked away by your own stupidity. . . 
guilt doesnt reside here anymore. . .
The vulnerable heart is no more in tune. . .
The watery eyes are cleaned  up. . .
All that left behind is a past that i left back, where it belongs. . .
I m not a fool. . .
No more a beggar. . .
No more a pathetic lonely girl. . .
I AM ME. . .
Born not from the ashes of yesterday but the dreams of tomorrow. . .

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday I had a dream….

Yesterday I had a dream….
I was walking along a street immersed in my own world of thoughts….
But someone caught my eye….
A nomad sitting on the footpath….
He was smiling…. Smiling as if he knows some secret….
Curiosity got the better of me….
I approached him and asked why he’s smiling…..
He didn’t respond….
I asked again…. still no response…
I began to walk away and then he asked, “Why should I answer you…?
Why should I care about anything you people say about me and about life and its success…..?
Did they know anything about life….?
I smiled because when I watch them I saw their expression as if I am all lost…..
But actually who is more lost….?
I eat when I want to eat, sleep when I want to, and do whatever I want to whenever I want to…
What about them….
Lost in the race to some invisible finish point…..
They don’t know what they are missing….
Making money for a better future but hunger for more make them toil more….
So when will this better future come….?
They are ready to lose food, sleep, health or anything for a better pay….
But they don’t have time for their loved ones which is the only actual thing that matters in this life…
Now say, who is more lost….?”
I tried to answer him….. But I can’t….
Even after I woke up I am trying to answer his questions…. But still I can’t….



P.S: Here goes another post from my friend Nijo John. . . He was really inspired after reading all your comments on his last post and so now he write more often and better n better too..
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Final Goodbye

And this soul burning, 
The memories feeding the fire.
Off with the pain. . . I am lost. . .
You were the tune to the song of my life,
The sun in my sky,
The pearls that beautified my soul,
The air that I breath.
And as soon as it began,   
It ended. . .
Leaving me on this desert,
You left for the spring. . .
The mirages tricking me,
for I know you wont get back to me.. .
Here I stand under the hot sun,
With an aching soul,
Thirsty heart and trembling limbs. . .
Here I am lost, hanging on the
Web that u helped me build. . .
I'm lost. . . My path is erased!
Lonely and scared, I breath no more. . .
Broken from inside and the scares all over.
Love did leave me a loser!!
And then finally, escaping from
This anguish i choose death. . .
To you my love, Adieu...
Eloping from the pain
From our memories and 
Forever from you, I am leaving. . .

Saturday, December 10, 2011


As god is my witness
I  stand upon the fire
My feet hurt by them
It burns off my soul....
The anguish cry of my soul
too sharp. . . too piercing...
It hurts my own ear drums!
The doom is upon me. . .!
why, o why, i wounder,
the pandemonium choose me??!!
I curse my karma. but all
that came out is more cries. . .
Help me o help me!
pour out your  mercy!
oh thou most gracious, 
most merciful 
show me a little of your mercy. . .

Friday, December 2, 2011

An Autumn Night!

On the silent road
I stand too still,
afraid to move a trifle.
The red tree, lifeless
stands beside me,lonely.
The branches deprived of leafs,
the wind blew them off.
on this twilight
they are as naked as i am.
the moon glowed above us
making us look even more lonely.
somewhere on the branch
a lonely brow leaf 
danced with the wind....
then lightly, O so lightly,
descended down upon my feet.
the long stagnant tear
slipped frm my eye. . .
tomorrow the trees will be green,
the sun shining bright.
but today me and the tree is alike
lonely, naked, forgotten...

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