Friday, December 28, 2012

A mourning!

Let me make some time,
To mold some words!
And in this busy life
That might very well be a lot.
A pleasure that all crave!
But this time, I take time out
Not to relax my follies
And refresh my fallacies
But to mourn, to mourn the loss,
Loss of a dearly beloved humanity!
I see a lot of mourning,
Mourning they don’t even mean.
Mourning for the loss of someone,
For the loss of some dream,
But I have no time to mourn silly!
I mourn, mourn for the people
Who lost the war in the unfair fights,
Who was left behind in the race,
For people hurt and lament hence!
I mourn over all the sadness.
No ale in the world is enough
To drown in and ease me for a moment,
Nor are the drugs strong enough
To loosen my senses against the outburst!
War cry, ringing aloud, around!

When the cries of the little girl
Reaches my pewter ears;
My heart bleed, bleed for her!
 I condemn the man behind the cries
None less, less it seem
More and more, no better than barbaric.
So they say earth changed
Men evolve for better.
I say the souls to worse.
How I wish these words be razors
As sharp as a butcher’s knife
And let them sprout wings
And a soul, branded humanity
Let it rise above all!
To see to the justice done in the world.
Let it decide the fate of men,
So immersed in the carnal pleasure,
Sees none but the sex with those eyes!
Let it walk in the wakes of life!
Alone and among us fellows.
Let it stab itself into the heart of those men!
Alas they have none so.
But then let it stab into their penis,
As harder as their evil actions!
Let it show them the meaning of pain,
And then as the world hail it,
Let it show off the blood spilled,
So that no man will do the same.
And then justice be done in this cruel world.

I would open my heart then
Drink the ale and take up marijuana
And I will sigh and walk alone in the streets.
I would then be free!
A girl with wind in her back
And safety, before!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Angel

lonely lonely little angel
tell me why you are in the shade? 
looking at the flowing water
on the carpet of grasses...
Deep in thought you seem to be
What do you see little angle? 
The silver of the river or
the gold of the dusk? 
tell me tell me little angel! 
what runs through your head little angel
Thoughts of past or hopes of future? 
The red of roses or vine or velvet
The black of night or onyx or coal
the white of pearl or moon or stars
What color do u see them in? 
tell me tell me little angel..
does that make you happy or sad or mad? 
is it a smile or tear or fear hide by that hat? 
tell me tell me little angel... 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The woman I am

A woman they call me
with curves and flesh!
a tender heart and
a smile!

I laugh 'bot as loud as I can
howling and cursing just the same!

Hush! they say, keep your voice low
they give me lectures on modestly
'bot the codes of the society!
speak low, walk slow with grace.
lower your eyes,
cover your self!

bah! I spit at them!
Aye I am a woman
with curves and flesh
with feelings and emotions
I laugh, I run, I sing I dance
Aye, I do sin, now and then!
Order me not to be quite!
This life of mine is mine to live
In ways I love,
doing things I love!
Stop not me and my dreams
but them and their evilness!!

Aye I am a woman
A woman with curves and flesh!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Longing swells in me
Like they never had...
His strokes on my body, splits fire
Hot lava runs in my vein...
Eye lids flutters and then close
His lips fuses with mine
His words of endeavor 
Like electric sparks...
Slowly they courses over me
The breeze singing, 
Of passion so profound.... 
Minutes tricks by, forgotten...
Love is sweet, a wait so deep...
Auspicious and royal
For it makes you feel serene
Fire and ice mixed so well
And in me they blast
In him I dissolve
In him I am lost...
Drugged by the sweetness of his kiss
Paralyzed by the softness of his touch 
And aroused by the tenderness of his eyes!!

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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girl, Who nobody Knew!

And the girl with so many dreams finally quite...
Without a final good bye,
She left the things she loved...
Search her not,
For she wound be found in the casket
Wrapped by white cloths...
She will finally lie still. . .
And people who loved her will wonder
'Who is she?'
The haters will talk
About the traumas she caused.
Others will simply muse over her...
Nobody will know the girl in the casket
Quite because she finally knew the truth
That she was a stranger to one and all...
The piano notes will flow over the hall
Carrying some melancholy,
They don't even mean!
And as tears dies she will fly
And the earth will sing
'This was the girl who nobody knew....'
And as she is buried,
The air will sigh,
For the place she took is all empty...
Casket will weight a trifle
For along with her lie her shattered dreams
Wimping over the lost.
And her tomb will read,
Craved in marble,
'A girl who striven for love
Left with none'

Monday, April 30, 2012

Molding of love

Lips lubricated by love
caresses mine....
Eyes twinkling with promise
of a carnal pleasure, burns a hole in me...
The feathery touch of his arms
leaves a trail of fire in the wake.
Each stroke one after the other...
A wave of pleasure engulfs me...
A hunger, A thirsts to quench...
breathless, quivering, needy
i lay there motionless...
My tooth sink into the tender flesh of his...
a muon, soft and silent
echoes around the room...
slowly, but surely
we fit into perfect harmony...
A connection of the souls
it establishes...
Strong, and forever it will stay..

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Circle of Life: Part 1

The early morning breeze blew her hairs into her eyes. She was in her usual jogging... The same route she had taken since she took up jogging since 3 years back... jogging along the sea shore had never failed to glorify to her morning. No matter how much she cried at night, thinking about her brother she lost...

It was her mistake... she had been careless that day, she was never a rash driver, but that day, she don't know what had happened... one minute she was riding the bike, and teasing her brother about the girl who always shares her lunch with him and the next thing she remember was that tiny lifeless body, cold and stiff lying before her... it was like a waxed statue.... she felt guilty like anything.... She has seen the pain in her parent’s eyes but nobody had blamed. Their silence and acceptance made it harder on her... She could never forgive herself for that....

Since then her days and nights had crawled... it took a solid two year of therapy to at least get the half of her back... Doctor had suggested her to start up jogging; he had said that it would heal her.... And it was working... every time the slow salty breeze caresses her face, she feels a kind of peace... more over the sea and the breeze kind of makes her feel that her chottu is here somewhere... with her....

'Sis, you know you'll meet bhayya from here' he had once told her  while they came for a stroll in the beach a few days before she lost him forever... She had laughed at his childish folly then... Today it makes her cry, to remember those sweet memories that she will never get back now...

Wiping off the tears that she could never stop when she thinks of her little bro, she walked back to her bike and started back  home... to another hectic day ahead....  She did not know what the day holds... She is not worried about that, to be honest.... She knows she can get through the day as long as the memories of her bro stayed with her... And she had gained the strength from the sweeping waves and the blowing breeze...

And she was ready to face another day... Not knowing that after today her life is going to change completely....

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Splashing over my foot
Like a ferocious falcon
I slowly closed my eyes
Opening my minds eyes
Smelling the salty breeze...
Opening my eyes,
I find the waves
Coming for me from the horizon
With the vengeance of a serial killer
Rising over, and subsiding
Like a soldier on the battle field
And finally dying at my feet
I smiled remembering the
Vengeance they came with and
Here they crush to nothingness at my feet,
Like a man, ferocious in youth
And a feeble whisper in the end...

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ode To My companion

A poet's pen you are!
Of thoughts deep in mysteries!
In world so full of chaos!
Sunder not my companion.
The journey is no picnic!
Climbing the walls,
And walking over the shattered windows.
Your nib may clash with the thorns...
Frown not my warrior,
Rise up!
Show them your might!
Headstrong may you stand,
In the eye of evil you may split.
A globule of fire you may create.
Let none stop your blabber.
Upon this desert, so dry…
You are a gladiator.
Against all odds and all cruelty...
Humble may your blood be,
Bleeding you for the world.
Washing off the blackness of world
By the blackness of your will...
Ironic may the situation be...
Stay strong for the truth.
Aye, my sword, let’s start the war
For the good of the world it may be...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Search

Rambling among the fallen leaves
A lonely lost dragonfly, I am...
Searching for the food, to feed on
Mine head being hungry...
Mine hand being ferocious...
To catch up those lazy naughty seed
And plant them out for good...
Under those brown, dry leaves, I Search
And so among the green tender ones...
Flying on the wings of curiosity
I land in a place of chaos
A thousand feeble cries around
Among the land of mystique
Revel and to recur
Is what this flight is all about?
In search of the realism is all it does...
Among the illusions, the mirage
I fly around...
Along for the restitution of real...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The breeze of the eve
Blows over me, softly...
The dazzled daffodils
Dances around the wild...
Caught off guard, I smiled
As thoughts of him slowly 
Descended down upon me
Like a humming bird's
My heart fluttered...
 Mermaids of feelings
Crept over me...
Light as a kite my heart
Soared towards the sky
Waiting to see the beloved face
I sat among the Cyprus...
My lips quavering
As the reminiscence of his kisses flashed
My arms anticipated him...
To hold him once again....
To feel him close like I always do...
To feel the heaven that I knew waited...
A chain of giggles reputed in me
When thoughts of time we spend together
Ran around, wild...
Closing my eyes...
I sat there,
Waiting for the guy I fell in love with...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Lunar Magic. . .

The voice the sweet voice around me tempts me to end this . . . they seduce me to an interlude world of peace... They hold my hands steadfast.... like the temperance, like the mirage they show me everything I ever needs and like the mirage they disappear before my eyes.... I wake up from the majestic world of sweet lies. . . A cold harsh wind blew through my soul and chills me to the core.... The red bright round huge moon, O so real... they throw light over my world.... I see them all but they look mesmerizing.... Their profoundness lulls me.... Those trees are no more lifeless. . . They are just enchanted by the beauty of the lunar.... Nothing moves around and then slowly a soft breeze drifts around me... I'm lulled.... I am lost....I'm melting off.... My soul is at peace.... and there is no more me anymore... I am a part of this nature... this moon, these trees...these grasses... I'm yet another piece of those million of pieces of puzzle. ...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Moment of Scrimmage

Here stands he before me
Shock crept into me...
To see him, even by chance
I had always wished for...
But seeing him thus was indeed a jolt.
For a moment did my heart pause?
Days peeled off,
I traveled back in time
His eyes when they smiled at me
His voice when he whispered his love...
The caresses of his hard hands...
The softness of his lips upon mine...
Thus I was enclosed in an illusion...
I remember the first date we had.
His broken promises ringing loud...
The ring he put on my finger....
The feel of his palm when they held mine
Like a volcano enrapture
The feels sprang...
His eyes inching over me....
I remember the gleam in his dark back eyes
Of love and of lust, they seem to be...
Of nights spend deep in conversation...
So did the end approach...
Later when I gave back the ring...
His eyes, of molten liquid.
Indeed I ended it all...
Trying to get over him...
Pretending to move on, I was...
Laughing too much to stop my tears...
Slowly did the mist of illusion fade!
And then my heart re-assumes pitter patter.
Seeing him again was a scrimmage...
Trying to get back the hold on me...
Pretending not to see him...
Pretending my heart is perfectly normal...
I turned and walked away from the guy I love...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Roses Of Words

On this deepening twilight
sitting on the bed of grasses
I give you this my love
Roses of words. . . 
molded by my love
held by thy love. . .
Forever red, eternal
like our love, they'll stay. . .
Watering it with my blood
feeding it with my soul. .  .

 * * *

Love, as i take it, is all
that you need to keep going. . .
It teases, it tests, it evolves,
it thrives, and finally it ruptures. . .
And in the final rupture
all is washed away. . .
the zenith of being is attained
and that peace is all that matters. . .

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Re-birth Of A Phoenix

'spending the life trying
to make someone happy'-
that was me, for a little while.
then I shut the sham of morality.
going with the flow of time,
On this creek on a golden dusk
is where I reached...
On this evening I stare onto
the river that I floated in..
Before me the water did not flow!
All that flew was my life!
as the tides began, I was taken aback.
The whirlpools swirls around...
The school days I spend alone,
the best friends I gained, 
the other school I attended,
the masked people I met there,
the love I found there,
the betrayal that I endured,
flowing along the river...
one by one they all passed by.
then came the fresh new tides...
into it I plundered,
on the drive to find a shore.
In no hurry I am...
for this  is the one I have waited for...
waving adios to all,
swiming off the desert!
towards the pasture to be found.
no worries and no tension!
for the river will flow...
and in the end, the destiny would be found,
for the happiness is not of people who sit
in despire but of the people who
fights for the same...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In His Arms

As the twilight befalls them
they are enclosed in their own world.
the warm embraces,
the sizzling kisses.
the silent whisper of breaths.
His hands moves over her,
a silent quaver of anticipation.
his eyes behold her's,
filled with promises..
And as the night darkens they are lost 
in the profoundness of the night.
He moves, and, as if, by
an invisible force, she responds...
And slowly his warm wet lips on her's
and tiny bubbles of pleasure ruptures in her.
She is lost in his touch
in his kiss and in himself...
She don't feel alone anymore
she is discovered...
in his arms, reborn...
like the hawk that gained the freedom
she flies towards eternity...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behold, my love!

Somewhere somehow someday I'll meet you
To Claim the heart that is mine for sure. . .
The day is not far, as it always was
Is what my heart seems to whisper all the while...
Amid the mist that floats in the sky
A ray of hope shines through. . .
Slight, thought it is, weaving through the fog.
Slow and steady, it surely comes to me. . .

Eyes, impatient to behold you,
Heart, to find its match at last,
Soul to fit into the other perfectly
And then mine ears, to hear you!
Impatient is what I am 
To set my sight on you, as I would.
And then my arms to hold my world 
To complete the circle that 
Starts on the stars and ends on the earth...

Sunday, January 1, 2012


The profoundness in my words are not fake.. 
They are born from the aches of my bleeding soul..
The words I paint On the canvas of life is not with colours... 
They are the blood tat flows through my veins...
I am not a poet...
I am only a mirror that reflects the shape of my hailing heart...

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