Sunday, August 14, 2011


Crawling upon the stairs of life
The shadows of death finds the soul.
'Come, come to me' hails their voices
'for peace lies within death'.
Oh, a soul with such pain 
Can no more ignore the sign,
For peace is all that frees a soul
From this binding world of pandemonium.
Yet the binds of life,
Holds her for the moment
Stops the steps with a
Coldness to match the silence.
Looking back to the casket of life
Finding the evergreen roses
Tempted though she was
To retreat. Yet the peace
That the souls crave was
Stronger than the fragrace of rose.
And yes, a final good bye was not
Said, the peace was all she knew at last....

Friday, August 12, 2011


Later when time fell off and days grew colder, they kept drifting apart... Once in a while though they thought, 'Hah, But I miss her', 'Hah, but I miss him'. 

But neither found the courage to go back to each other.... Maybe it was guilt or ,maybe pride that kept them from each other... But whatever it was, the crack grew as the days sped. 

From 'Hi', 'Hello' to cold glances to ice cold silence and finally they could no more bear being in the same room...

They wanted to reach out, pull the past back, to put each others hearts together...  But the pride, that was a living thing, were crawling inside of them and keeping them from reaching out...

And nothing was left to do but the inevitable and they drew apart forever... Never to be back again....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A silent promise

Holding someone's arms 
as you navigate around the world
 is like telling them 
you will always be there with them,
 no matter how the road turns out to be....
 A silent promise that speaks volumes....

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