Saturday, September 22, 2012

The woman I am

A woman they call me
with curves and flesh!
a tender heart and
a smile!

I laugh 'bot as loud as I can
howling and cursing just the same!

Hush! they say, keep your voice low
they give me lectures on modestly
'bot the codes of the society!
speak low, walk slow with grace.
lower your eyes,
cover your self!

bah! I spit at them!
Aye I am a woman
with curves and flesh
with feelings and emotions
I laugh, I run, I sing I dance
Aye, I do sin, now and then!
Order me not to be quite!
This life of mine is mine to live
In ways I love,
doing things I love!
Stop not me and my dreams
but them and their evilness!!

Aye I am a woman
A woman with curves and flesh!
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