Thursday, July 25, 2013

Message From Wind.

O sweet gusty wind,
What do you bring me on this gush?
Some little glitters or
A rush of adrenaline?
I wonder, I muse!
I stand here ,
As you blow through my hair!
My eyes close.
Deceiving the vision all to blur!
I wonder how it will be?
Will it bring me the news I oblique to?
Or something that is so fatigue!
Oh tell me wind!
Whisper in my ears…
Those hisses and enlighten me.
Oh mother, the orb of light
Wake up from the hibernation.
Look about and listen!
The wind brings thus the stories unheard…
Of the loon lovers and passions shared,
Of riots and massacres,
Of sweet companionship and so on....
And fragrance from faraway places!
Wrapped in some tight bundles.
I thus cut off the senses,
And opens up my mind!
As they brush about me,
My curiosity polished,
I sigh out loud as memories rush.
A sob so soft leaves my soul.
The flaunting leafs, trembles and falls!
And then all those tears are washed off.
I open my eyes to something new.
Oh wind thus is your power,
Eternal one!
You bring a new life to me and all.
You sweep those hurdles,
And shower them with peace!
As I stand on this earth,
Born along the ways of the great orb!
Alas, love so innocent,
So crucial, fills me to overflow!
Wind oh wind!
Thy bought me the newness of will!
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