Sunday, August 14, 2011


Crawling upon the stairs of life
The shadows of death finds the soul.
'Come, come to me' hails their voices
'for peace lies within death'.
Oh, a soul with such pain 
Can no more ignore the sign,
For peace is all that frees a soul
From this binding world of pandemonium.
Yet the binds of life,
Holds her for the moment
Stops the steps with a
Coldness to match the silence.
Looking back to the casket of life
Finding the evergreen roses
Tempted though she was
To retreat. Yet the peace
That the souls crave was
Stronger than the fragrace of rose.
And yes, a final good bye was not
Said, the peace was all she knew at last....


Tay Tay said...

Awesome poem. Loved reading it. :D

Niya said...

@Tay Tay thanks :) glad to know that you enjoyed it!

confused soul said...

lovely :)

Niya said...

@confused soul thanks :)

dilsha said...


Anonymous said...

why did u stop writing???? you are really good

Niya said...

@dilsha thanks :)

@anonymous u knw the reason swthrt! m done with this...

Saru Singhal said...

Superb poem, love the expression!

aakash said...

yes. finally, for God's sake, someone who appreciates death. *high fives*


Niya said...

@Saru Singhal thanks a lot! happy to please u!

@aakash *high fives* glad to find some1 appreciates my appreciation of death! ;)

sowmya said...

both the poem & the picture posted "wow "
i must say! :)

Niya said...

@sowmya thanks :)

Anonymous said...

this one s really awesome Niya........ by DILSHAD

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