Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girl, Who nobody Knew!

And the girl with so many dreams finally quite...
Without a final good bye,
She left the things she loved...
Search her not,
For she wound be found in the casket
Wrapped by white cloths...
She will finally lie still. . .
And people who loved her will wonder
'Who is she?'
The haters will talk
About the traumas she caused.
Others will simply muse over her...
Nobody will know the girl in the casket
Quite because she finally knew the truth
That she was a stranger to one and all...
The piano notes will flow over the hall
Carrying some melancholy,
They don't even mean!
And as tears dies she will fly
And the earth will sing
'This was the girl who nobody knew....'
And as she is buried,
The air will sigh,
For the place she took is all empty...
Casket will weight a trifle
For along with her lie her shattered dreams
Wimping over the lost.
And her tomb will read,
Craved in marble,
'A girl who striven for love
Left with none'


Jack said...


Very sad but life does make one like this at times if she is not strong to face world.

Take care

P!yu said...

Loved it... Something very deep..

Inner Blog said...

You have written it so well that i had to read it twice... These words touched me a lot "The haters will talk about the traumas she caused"...

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