Thursday, January 19, 2012

In His Arms

As the twilight befalls them
they are enclosed in their own world.
the warm embraces,
the sizzling kisses.
the silent whisper of breaths.
His hands moves over her,
a silent quaver of anticipation.
his eyes behold her's,
filled with promises..
And as the night darkens they are lost 
in the profoundness of the night.
He moves, and, as if, by
an invisible force, she responds...
And slowly his warm wet lips on her's
and tiny bubbles of pleasure ruptures in her.
She is lost in his touch
in his kiss and in himself...
She don't feel alone anymore
she is discovered...
in his arms, reborn...
like the hawk that gained the freedom
she flies towards eternity...


Rachit said...

beautifully crafted post... loved the flow :)

Weakest Link

Mithlash said...

Should I say sensuous or should I say quite romantic..choose anyone of these...Overall I would like to say its superb!

Raniyal Niyada said...

@mithilas & @rachit: thanks a lot guyzz:)

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