Friday, December 2, 2011

An Autumn Night!

On the silent road
I stand too still,
afraid to move a trifle.
The red tree, lifeless
stands beside me,lonely.
The branches deprived of leafs,
the wind blew them off.
on this twilight
they are as naked as i am.
the moon glowed above us
making us look even more lonely.
somewhere on the branch
a lonely brow leaf 
danced with the wind....
then lightly, O so lightly,
descended down upon my feet.
the long stagnant tear
slipped frm my eye. . .
tomorrow the trees will be green,
the sun shining bright.
but today me and the tree is alike
lonely, naked, forgotten...


spirit.alive91 said...
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Confused Soul said...

lovely post Niya :)

Menachery said...

awwwwwww......... loved the feelings depicted thru this poem,

"tomorrow the trees will be green,
the sun shining bright.
but today me and the tree is alike
lonely, naked, forgotten...".... i so love this line beautiful ...

p:S - the long stangnent tear ... is it stagnant ???

Mishi said...

very nice!

Saru Singhal said...

Just awesome play of words:)

Rahul said...

loooved it...:-)

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. What your friend said is so true. It is we and only WE who need to give a tap to keep fire of our life going. This poems gives state of a sad heart so well comparing it to leafless tree but the tree is covered with leaves again and what about the aching heart?

Take care

PS : Hope I addressed you right or would you prefer Niya?

Raniyal Niyada said...

@ confused soul, @mishi, @saru, @rahul: thanks guys :)

Raniyal Niyada said...

@menachery: glad that u liked :)

p.s: ya tat s wat i ment. it was just a careless mistake sorry for tat :)

Raniyal Niyada said...

@jack: ya i know... n as far as the heart is concerned i hope it will b green again asap i hope :)

take care

P.S: Niya is fine. I prefer that... but Raniyal is not bad... tat s wat my old school mates called me for last 12 years... i was just hoping for a change ^_*

Bhanu said...

such a lovely song, every word of it was placed so correctly. first thing i see this morning and i feel so nice. keep up.

Raniyal Niyada said...

@Bhanu: glad to know that... i hope i can :)

take care

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