Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Yesterday I had a dream….

Yesterday I had a dream….
I was walking along a street immersed in my own world of thoughts….
But someone caught my eye….
A nomad sitting on the footpath….
He was smiling…. Smiling as if he knows some secret….
Curiosity got the better of me….
I approached him and asked why he’s smiling…..
He didn’t respond….
I asked again…. still no response…
I began to walk away and then he asked, “Why should I answer you…?
Why should I care about anything you people say about me and about life and its success…..?
Did they know anything about life….?
I smiled because when I watch them I saw their expression as if I am all lost…..
But actually who is more lost….?
I eat when I want to eat, sleep when I want to, and do whatever I want to whenever I want to…
What about them….
Lost in the race to some invisible finish point…..
They don’t know what they are missing….
Making money for a better future but hunger for more make them toil more….
So when will this better future come….?
They are ready to lose food, sleep, health or anything for a better pay….
But they don’t have time for their loved ones which is the only actual thing that matters in this life…
Now say, who is more lost….?”
I tried to answer him….. But I can’t….
Even after I woke up I am trying to answer his questions…. But still I can’t….



P.S: Here goes another post from my friend Nijo John. . . He was really inspired after reading all your comments on his last post and so now he write more often and better n better too..
 He could be reached by Facebook:Nijo John
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Bhanu said...

So true. We are lost in this fast pace world running behind worldly pleasure and loosing ourselves.

Rachit said...

quite true :)
Weakest LINK

Anonymous said...

lbly explaination of busy life n Rat race for todayz genration.....
All words r lyk full of reality....

:-Dee said...

Oh yesss... we are all lost. :) Very well written poetry and a great inspiring reminder. Good job Nijo!!! Keep it coming... :)

Nijo John said...

Thank u guys....
I actually had an experience with a nomad once....
He asked me about God n all....
I don't remember the whole thing ...
Bt then too I've been astonished about their views...

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. I know pain on being left by one you love is beyond words but giving up life is no solution. One should have courage to take what life throws with firm belief that one can find way out. This one is so true. We lose out on our near & dear ones while running after materialistic gains.

Take care

Raniyal Niyada said...


I understand that now uncle.. n thanks for stopping by

take care

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