Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What, oh What A Night Was That!

I remember that night
hot air and moon beams were
possessed with an irresistible magic!
The stars from the sky
Blinked towards Me.
Angels in the heaven
rejoiced the picture
The full moon so bright 
that i thought it displaced the sun...
But there was something
about the moon light itself
So natural, So pure, so heavenly..
Small clouds floating around the
sky embracing the moon
And the icy picture of the sky....
What Oh What a night was that!

The air was so exotic with the
fragrance of the night's Jasmine
blooming in the secret of the night..
But except all this
there was peace in my soul
peace in my heart
Peace inside me...
What oh what a night was that!

As the wind blew, I could
Feel the freedom of the sky
calling towards me...
Pulling me towards it...
The freedom filled me 
it swept me like 
a leaf floating in the  wind
I went with it for the
endless journey. It 
guided me towards the
endless, endless, endless freedom

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